More About The Worlds Largest 160MW Renewable Wind Energy Generator.

What are 160MW WindGens?

160MW WindGens are the New and Innovating way of Mass Producing Green Renewable Energy.

WindGens Designs

160MW WindGens are designed by Charlie Bryan, owner of WindGen Designs and Protecting Wildlife and the Environment was #1 Priority. WindGen Towers Battle Global Warming up to 700% more efficiently and effectively than all present day generators.


Site Terrain And Conditions

160MW WindGen Towers will be built on any terrain that has windy conditions.

WindGens Advantages

WindGens Protect Wildlife and the Environment.

WindGens Battle to End Global Warming 700% more Efficiently and Effectively than ever dreamed of before.

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160MW WindGens Towers

The WindGens Designs Team work with every aspect of all wildlife, the needs, terrain and conditions to design each 16MW WindGen Tower to Maximize the Production of Green Renewable Wind Energy like never imagined before!

160MW WindGen Advantages

Battle Global Warming up to 700% more with each 16MW WindGen Tower Generator.



WindGen Towers Out Produce all Present Day Wind Generators, Guaranteed!